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Leadership at First Congregational UCC

There are many dedicated leaders in our building--both paid and volunteer. The commitment of these people is what makes us a close-knit church family.  We are not able to include everyone involved here, but their dedication to serving our community and strengthening the impact of our church on people’s lives is greatly appreciated!

Rev. Kathleen Krostal

Bridge Pastor

Pastor Kathleen became our interim pastor in March of 2023.  She was ordained in 1996 and has had many life experiences from which to draw.  She is providing our weekly messages and taking over pastoral duties on Sundays until we are able to call a settled pastor.

Pastor Kathleen.jpg

Cindy Waller

Office Manager

Not only is Cindy our very capable Office Manager but she is also a member of our congregation.  She keeps us organized and on track for the things that need to be done in today's busy world.


Denise Hohf


Denise has been providing music for our services since 1995. She is a talented pianist and the pieces she plays add a great deal to our worship services!


Barbara Townsend

Tech Person

Barb is in charge of the technology end of our worship life, allowing us to share our services with people online. Anyone interested in getting involved with recording should contact the church.

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